HBA Membership Benefits

Some of the numerous benefits afforded to HBA Springfield members are the discounts available through the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), our parent organization, as well as National Purchasing Partners (NPP). Experience broad savings across a number of business essentials, including recruitment expenses, office supplies, jobsite materials, travel and lodging expenses, continuing education options, economic tools, and even entertainment.

If you’re an HBA Springfield member, be sure to ask about the discounts and savings opportunities available before you make a large purchase for your company. There might be savings available to you through your membership.

Member Discount Programs

NAHB Member Savings

Buy a truck, save on gas, ship a package, save on building materials, book a vacation, and more savings opportunities.

National Purchasing Partners

Save on Verizon, Microsoft, travel, office supplies, and more with significant discounts offered to members through NPP.