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We are excited to showcase the stories of our members and how the HBA has made a positive impact on their businesses. By reading about their experiences, you can gain insight into how our organization can help you grow your local company, establish valuable relationships with other home professionals, and connect with the area’s best builders, remodelers, and service providers.
Matt and Shelley Wehner, HBA Reviews - Cabinet Concepts by Design
Matt & Shelley Wehner

We started our business back in 2008 and were hesitant to advertise in the HBA Event Magazine because sign-up came just a few months after we started the business. Since we reserved booth space for the 2009 Home Show we felt it would be a great way to reinforce our presence as well as a way to be in the Parade of Homes and Home Remodeling EXPO with a single publication. Even though we had limited funds we believe it was a great investment. Unfortunately we had to pass on the HBA Event Magazine advertising back in 2010, but we purposefully budgeted funds for 2011 through today for the magazine to make sure we are in. We know the advertising is working because a number of people have kept the HBA Magazine and brought it in with them to our showroom. We may not always receive a direct lead from our ad, but we know that it is being seen and the additional reinforcement of our company name and image will assist in a quality lead.

Jill Vincel - HBA Board Member
Jill Vincel

A few years ago we approached the HBA with the idea of sponsoring the HBA Membership Directory. The HBA staff worked with us to make our sponsorship just what we needed it to be. Our HBA always looks for ways to deliver extra value for Southern Supply and Southern Materials sponsorships. They even worked with us to expand our Membership Directory sponsorship to include, the electronic searchable version of the directory.

Jason Bekebrede Monticello Homes & Development
Jason Bekebrede

Since adding a Banner Ad to the Home Page of and a Web Link to HBAHomePros I have seen a noticeable increase in web traffic. Approximately 75% of traffic to my site originates from I am sure the addition of a few Keywords to HBAHomePros will continue to help referrals come my way. Electronic advertising on compliments my print advertising in the HBA Event Magazine which is a great way to make my presence known at the HBA Events. I consider these to be nice little bonuses to my HBA Membership.

Aaron Wyssmann

Ozarks Remodeling has been a part of the HBA since 2017. The big reason I decided to join the HBA was due to the caliber of people that you get to work with and be around. I know that the HBA has the best builders and remodelers in town, and I wanted our business to be a part of an organization known for doing great work and taking great care of customers.

Judy Bilyeu-Metro Appliances & More
Judy Bilyeu

Metro Appliances & More has been a member of the HBA for over 25 years. The HBA is phenomenal to work with and we consider them an integral part of our business. The vetting process gives credibility to the businesses that are members—we consider it a badge of honor—and we know when we work with other HBA members, we’ll be working with quality businesses. We also enjoy participating in all the events where we get to know other people in the building industry.

Adrian Rhoads, Rhoads Construction and Design
Adrian Rhoads

I appreciate the advocacy efforts of the HBA because it provides a platform for all members to be heard.  As an individual, I felt that my opinions held little weight, but through the collective efforts of the HBA, our voices can make a difference. Additionally, I have gained knowledge and information about various issues through the HBA’s advocacy work that I may not have learned about otherwise.

Christopher Souliere
Soul Properties

In the early days of my business, I thought it was too small for the HBA and that the HBA was exclusively homebuilders. I’ve always had the HBA in my sights, my grandfather was the president of his HBA back in the ’60s and ’70s, and so I knew of its importance, just not much more than that. When I joined, I didn’t immediately participate in all the HBA had to offer, but I did start to notice that customers, and potential customer, recognized I was a member. I started to hear “I got your number from the HBA site.” Contact volume increased, and not just leads, but serious leads, leading to building projects. I’ve become confident in advertising through the HBA and I had a successfully 1st time appearance at the HBA Home Show.  I believe in the HBA, what it does for its members, and what it means to the community. Now a proud HBA board of directors’ member, I strive to increase the HBA’s presence in the community and be a part of its growth.