Why Hire
an HBA Home Pro

Who are The HBA Home Pros

The HBA helps protect homeowners by identifying those businesses that meet the highest standards of professionalism within our community. We call these businesses the HBA Home Pros, your Quality Insured Home Professionals.

The HBA Home Pro distinction is only available to those companies that meet our rigid membership requirements, workmanship criteria, and pass a review conducted by the HBA Board of Directors.

For potential and existing homeowners, the HBA Home Pros represent the best of the best. These are the companies that prove and continue to prove their quality, workmanship, and customer care.

Companies not found on the HBA Home Pro list are those for whom quality cannot be assured. Not all businesses meet our criteria. Be sure to ask if your builder, remodeler, or home professional is an HBA Home Pro to ensure you and your home are in the best hands.

Benefits of Hiring an HBA Home Pro

Home Pro Tips

HBA Home Pros provide invaluable insights and expertise on important home maintenance topics.