What’s New with HBA Home Pros? Helping You Be Found!

There are two NEW things to share with you that will help you (HBA Home Pros) be found.

Your PRINTED HBA Membership Directory will have a new look and a new method of distribution.
In the past, the purpose of the spiral bound membership directory was for members to find members. Many builders and remodelers would keep the printed directories in their glove box. Some of you might be saying “what’s a glove box?” and  “I just look things up on my phone.” If you don’t  know what a glove box is, we recommend looking it up on your phone:-) The point is – times have changed, but not so much that the printed HBA Membership Directory should go away.

SOLUTION: Since we have had many member request that the directory be distributed to the public and we will not have a Remodeling EXPO this year, we have a solution. We are printing 500 HBA Magazines and inserting 500 HBA Membership Directories in the center (held in place by glue dots). The directory will not be spiral bound, but the size of the publication will remain the same. These HBA Magazines, along with the HBA Membership Directories, will be distributed by members, as well as at other locations. Currently we have connections at Price Cutter and Harter House as potential distribution spots. If you would like to distribute some, or have a connection with a good place for distribution, please let us know. Call Aaron at 881-3711 or send an email.

Our goal is to get you (HBA Home Pros) into the hands of potential customers and this is one way we will be doing that this summer.

Magazine + Directory

Your HBA Home Pros Online Membership Directory (HBAHomePros.com) has been enhanced.
Over the years, your HBA has grown in the types of members that join our fine organization. The reason include everything from support of our advocacy (battling undesirable regulations etc), the ability to market their company through our trade shows, magazine, directory, online opportunities or just because they like us. With the growth of types of members, as well as members requesting categories specific to their trade, we have increased the number of categories dramatically. Our last count of categories was more than 240 (insert wow! here). Those using HBAHomePros.com as a tool to find Quality Insured Home Professionals likely found it to be a little straining to the eyes and mind.

SOLUTION (SEE SHORT VIDEO BELOW): After months of preparation, planning and coding, HBAHomePros.com now has Categories and Subcategories. There are still some tweaks to be made for this new interface to work perfectly on small devices, but that will be resolved very soon. Please try it out and when you do you will need to clear the cache on your browser – especially for those that already use HBAHomePros.com regularly. Click on the Category Arrows to see the Subcategories. You can also click on the Main Category to see all members associated with that particular category.

If you are interest in advertising in the printed HBA Membership Directory, or within Categories or Subcategories on HBAHomePros.com, please contact us immediately at 417-881-3711. Also, fee free to let us know your thoughts on anything above. We will be reaching out to members to make sure the information displayed in the printed directory is good to go. If you would not like specific information shared – give us a shout.