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Design Trend Forecast - Decorating Den Interiors

Design Trend Forecast for 2022

2:00 • Saturday • May 8 • 2021
by Decorating Den Interiors

Heather and Jillian will be narrowing down some of the exciting design trends for 2022. Concludes with Q&A.
– Cleaning begins at 2:45

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Opening Up Your Outdoor Living Space Workshop 2021

Opening Up Your Outdoor Living Space

12:45 • Saturday • May 8 • 2021
by Maschino’s, Missouri Playsets, Ozark Fence, Modern Exteriors, ACME Brick

With outdoor living space becoming true extensions of the home, planning your outdoor space to meet your entertainment, family-fun needs will be enhanced by information by our panel of experts. Concludes with Q&A.
– Cleaning begins at 1:30

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Building and Remodeling Challenges in 2021

2021 Building & Remodeling Challenges

3:15 • Friday • May 7 • 2021
by Panel of HBA Home Pros

Learn about the challenges that builders, remodelers, homeowners and future homeowners are facing due to manufacturing shortages, lumber prices, disruptions in the supply line and workforce struggles.
– Cleaning begins at 4:30

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Mouery's Flooring Workshop 2021

Hardwood vs Luxury Vinyl Flooring

2:00 • Friday, May 7
3:15 • Saturday, May 8 • 2021
by Mouery’s Flooring

Explore the differences between hardwood & luxury vinyl. Discussion includes; benefits, design trends, and best applications for each flooring type. Bring questions and learn if hardwood or luxury vinyl is best for you!
– Cleaning begins at 2:45 Friday and 4:00 Saturday

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