SFC Bank CEO Rob Fulp MEATS his Team

The management at SFC Bank is working every day to support the community, team SFC and their families.  To that end, their CEO Rob Fulp and his wife Cindy (Fulp) wanted to express their gratitude in a very practical and meaningful way.  As you all know, unfortunately we are facing potential meat shortages because of temporary closures of processing plants.  Rob and Cindy arranged to purchase a steer and provided the SFC Team members with 1,000 pounds of meat on Saturday, June 27th including Ribeye, Round, Sirloin steaks, filets, roasts, hamburger, etc. 

Needless to say the team was very appreciative and were very excited to restock their freezers in time for the 4th of July holiday!  Through this time Rob and the management team have brought in lunches, dinners, provided moral support and now this is another great example of looking out for our friends, neighbors and co-workers!