Sam Bradley’s Board Notes: NAHB International Builders Show Recap

Sam Bradley shared this recap with board members at the January 18 board meeting, and his notes are being made available to board members by clicking here.

FYI, Sam also is working on a blog version of these notes that will be featured soon on the HBA’s new “Membership Matters” blog. Watch for it coming soon… Thanks Sam!

By the way, that “Membership Matters” blog is available for any HBA member who has a good story to tell about some key information and/or a valuable asset that is available by virtue of membership in the HBA. It’s kind of our way of introducing HBA members to some of the valuable member resources and tools they may not have yet discovered.

Also, if you are seeing this, it is because you are a board member. Nobody else has access. It is posted to the “Board Access” section of the site. So another great way to use this tool is to post your comments on the International Builders Show and/or other NAHB news from Sam’s report right here (below). Since this is “board access” content, only other board members will be able to view and reply to your comments on this post.