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What Are Designations? (NAHB Certified Specialists)

What are NAHB Professional Designations?
Professional Designations symbolize qualifications earned through extra time, effort, and knowledge gained toward a specialized area of expertise. These certifications or “marks of distinction” are raising the standards for those in the home building industry. Look for these marks after names just like you would find PhD or MD. Why use a company with individuals who have earned Professional Designations? If you had an injury would you be more likely to trust the knowledge and experience of a doctor with certification for your specific injury or would you prefer to utilize the services of someone that just claims they know how to treat your condition? You should always ask for testimonials or references in addition to basing your decision on Professional Designations although certification alone is an excellent start. Where can I find a list of companies with Professional Designations in Southwest Missouri? You can find those with Professional Designations on HBAHomePros where you can search for Quality Insured Home Professionals by keywords and designations. You will see Professional Designations like CAPS, CGA, CGB, CGR, CGP and GMB next to the names of the individuals that have earned their certification.

Click on the Professional Designations below to see a list of HBAGS Members with certifications that fit your needs:

  • (CAPS) Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist These members are a select group of professionals nationwide that have earned the CAPS designation, which includes the skills and knowledge necessary to remodel or modify a home to meet the unique needs of the older population, disabled owners or their visitors.

  • (CAASH) Certified Active Adult Specialist in Housing The Certified Active Adult Specialist in Housing designation gives housing professionals serving this rapidly burgeoning market the essential knowledge, tools, and skills that will help them succeed – from conducting initial research to design considerations and features to servicing the customer.

  • (CGA) Certified Graduate Associate Certification program offering associate members an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the fundamentals of the home building industry.

  • (CGB) Certified Graduate Builder Certification offering an overview of key areas in today’s home building industry: business management, financial strategies, marketing techniques, emerging construction technologies, market trends and more. In addition, the builder must have at least two years’ experience in the industry.

  • (CGP) Certified Green Professional This designations identifies builders, remodelers and other industry professionals who incorporate green and energy efficient building principles into homes- without driving up the cost of construction. Coursework is based on the National Green Building Standard, the only ANSI-approved rating system for green homes, developments and remodeling projects. The standard includes sections on energy, water and resource efficiency; indoor environmental quality; lot and site development; and home owner education.

  • (CGR) Certified Graduate Remodeler This designation recognizes those remodelers who demonstrate exceptional business integrity, technical competence and a solid track record of customer satisfaction. To earn the CGR, a remodeler must complete a series of industry-specific education courses, provide letters of recommendation, submit proof of licensing and insurance if required by the local jurisdiction and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. The CGR designation stands for professionalism, experience and a commitment to quality.

  • (GMB) Graduate Master Builder This certification identifying those with advanced building knowledge, including in-depth instruction geared for experienced building professionals. To qualify for the GMB designation program, a builder must have attained either the Certified Graduate Builder (CGB) or Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) designations and have five years of building industry experience or have successfully completed an additional three NAHB-approved courses and have at least 10 years of industry experience.

How does one obtain Professional Designations? After individuals undergo training and required testing they become “Certified”, but they also must maintain their certification with continuing education in order to refresh and gather new information. This continual dedication and growth in particular areas of their profession is what makes those with Professional Designations excellent in their field.

NAHB is committed to providing the best residential home building knowledge to foster success in the industry. They have the most targeted curriculum, accomplished teachers, and widely respected education opportunities in business.

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