Reach Your Consumers – FREE Post in the HBA Info-Letter

Many of you are familiar with the HBA Info-Letter that we send out quarterly to our database of consumers, but there are many more that are not taking advantage of this FREE and simple post.

What & When Is It?

The HBA Info-Letter is a quarterly email newsletter is sent out to help promote HBA members as well as the HBA’s major events. The main objective is to promote new products/innovations, sales, tips or anything interesting that HBA members provide.

Last Year’s Info-Letters Sample:

Save These Dates:

  • Sent Late March or Early April – supply by March 25th
  • Sent Early to Mid June (Parade of Homes) – supply by June 1st
  • Sent Early to Mid September (Remodeling EXPO) – supply by Sept 1st 
  • Sent Early to Mid January (Home Show) – supply by Jan 13th

HBA Database

Our database consists of approximately 5,000 emails that have been collected from our prize sponsors at HBA Home Show, Remodeling EXPO and Parade of Homes. Therefore, you know that this is a targeted list of people interested in “HOME.” This list continues to grow thank you to our Recent Prize Sponsors:

How You Benefit & Help Your HBA Too

Every post that we included in the HBA Info-Letter is posted on the HBA website. Even novices know that adding posts about home related products, innovations, services, discounts, news, awards, accolades etc. will help us with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This means that if members post about “Storm Shelters” or “Appliances” on the HBA site – then those keywords will push the HBA site up for those keywords. In turn, we link to your websites in addition to your listings on HBAHomePros (online membership directory – This means it will increase traffic to your websites. It’s truly a Win Win!

Topics We Like To Publish

Basically anything the general public could utilize or would find interesting. Here are some examples

  • Tips/Advice
  • New Products/Innovations
  • Discounts/Sales
  • Awards/Accolades
  • New Locations/Groundbreakings

What You Need To Do

Some simple ideas that might help remind you to send info to us as well as how we prefer:

  1. Include us in your list for press releases (
  2. If you make a post on social media or website that fits the criteria above, make sure when know about it
  3. If you have something to say that can be covered is a 50+ words statement about something interesting – send it along with 1-3 photos
  4. Send Text or Word Doc (preferred) to

Monthly “Member Focus” Too

Don’t forget we also have a monthly “Member Focus” issue that goes out to the HBA membership. Send your awards, accolades, new employees, or anything that you would like to share with the membership, and it will be posted on the HBA website and in the e-Newsletter at the end of each month. Send to

That’s All!!!