President’s Blog: A Tale of Two Sams

A wise grandmother once said, “If you’re having a bad day, then do something gooRusty MacLachland for someone else. You will brighten their day and yours, too”. In the midst of a slow housing market, two of our builder members took the advice of Grandma.

At a time when conventional wisdom tells us to look out for #1, to scale back, to cut out ALL unnecessary expenses, the two Sams rose to the occasion. With the support of countless HBA members and other volunteers, Sam Bradley and Sam Clifton gave of themselves and changed lives. Two families and a hospital that provides cutting edge care to heal critically ill children were the direct beneficiaries, but the lives of all those involved have been forever changed.

Sam Bradley built the 2009 St. Jude Dream Home in our area, a collaborative project of the HBA Charitable Foundation and several other worthy partners. The home, located in Lions Gate subdivision, was a huge success. In spite of a slowing economy, our members (too many to list) donated time, materials, and sweat to produce a stunning home. Under the careful direction of Sam Bradley those involved put forth their very best. This 2009 Parade home was a work of art. This HBA Charitable Foundation project has actually raised approximately $1.7 million over the past three years to assist in the fight to find a cure for childhood cancers. The Dream Home has successfully raised money, but more importantly it has raised hope.

And, before anyone could catch their breath, Sam Clifton announced that he had been chosen to build a home for “Extreme Makeover – Home Edition”. With a groundbreaking date only weeks away, and an allotted construction time of one week, there was no time to waste. Sam Clifton called on the good people of our area and asked them to roll up their sleeves one more time. Many of you responded to the call by saying, “When can we start? What do you need?”

It looked like the State Fair had come to a Greene County farm road. Large circus tents were everywhere. Clifton truly was the ring master of a 24/7, three ring circus. The folks at “Extreme” said that this was an outstanding build and a top quality home. Again, many, many of our best stepped forward to give their all. With little or no sleep, volunteers poured out their hearts as they labored around the clock to assist a family in need. Months of work was squeezed into hours, even minutes. The EMHE’s theme this year is “Heroes”. Sam, you and all those who helped are truly Heroes.

Sam and Sam, and really everyone who had a hand in these events, you have made your grandmothers proud. God bless you all.

Keeping the Faith

Rusty MacLachlan, HBA President