May I Tweet You from IBS?

If you haven’t yet caught onto the Twitter bandwagon (or if you have but have yet to discover the new world of membership value provided through the HBA’s social media connections), a grand opportunity is just around the corner.
The National Association of Home Builders annual International Builders Show International Builders’ Show┬« (IBS) officially opens January 19, but pre-show education begins as early as this week (Friday, January 15). IBS is the largest annual building industry tradeshow in the country.  It’s THE place to see and discuss the hottest products on the market and network with your friends and allies.  On top of that, IBS offers more than 175 education sessions taught by industry experts.
To plan your visit to the International Builders’ Show, or just to see what all the fuss is about, visit Whether or not you plan to be there for all or part of IBS this year, you can keep up with much of what is going on there by following HBA President Rusty MacLachlan or by following me on twitter. Rusty and I will be in attendance and we will tweet our little hearts out about the very best of what we see, hear and learn. If we can make our respective blackberry technologies work (Rusty uses twitterberry, while I prefer the ubertwitter app), we might just go all multimedia on you with dazzling cameraphone pictures and video of some of the coolest stuff.
But you won’t get all that goodness unless you get signed up for twitter now, set up an account, and sign up to follow us (and probably a bunch of other folks you will find once you are there) on twitter. Unfamiliar with twitter? I wrote a blog a few months ago about why I think twitter is such a perfect fit for the HBA, complete with a little tutorial on how to get started. To quickly read that primer (and watch a cool little video tutorial), click here.
So, lets get going. Many already are following us. Rusty has 71 followers and I have 198, and we both use our twitter accounts nearly exclusively for HBA and home building/remodeling industry content, so we won’t cover you in useless drivel (now THAT’S something few twitter accounts dare to promise!). Just navigate to to set up a free account. Then find and follow those of us who tweet on behalf of the HBA. Here are our most HBA-focused twitter accounts (many other HBA members also tweet the goings on of the HBA and within the industry, and for that we thank you… they also are well worth following on twitter… you know who you are!)