Greene Co. Land Use Plan Input Group Makes Recommendations

The Greene County Comprehensive Land Use Plan Task Force met on Wednesday, June 18, 2008, to develop recommendations for the Greene County Commission and staff relative to revisions to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. HBA builder members and staff are representing your interests on this task force. The following five recommendations were submitted for the County’s review and consideration:

1) Philosophically, the land use plan should provide incentives or encouragement for the best use of Greene County’s resources, including any and all natural, cultural, historic and economic elements;

2) Once the plan is developed, the County shall institute a process (over a 20-year term) for regular and consistent review, at a minimum each five years;

3) There is a need for an infrastructure plan to be created and implemented with an eye on County development patterns and Greene County should focus on regional infrastructure planning in collaboration with all cities in the County and with surrounding Counties;

4) The plan should be structured to encourage and facilitate housing affordability, and that element of the plan should be maximized;

5) The plan shall not mandate a farmland preservation element for land owners in Greene County. (Objective: to eliminate the inclusion of designated “agricultural reserve” areas on the map.)

It is our understanding that this group will eventually meet again to review a new draft plan which attempts to incorporate these recommendations.