Fun Activity Workbook for Kids

Kids are at home now with more time on their hands than usual. So, your Home Builders Association (in collaboration with other HBAs) is offering a free activity workbook with puzzles, coloring pages and other creative activities to not only keep your children busy, but stimulate their minds and provide education about construction.

Our Goal . . .

To provide a fun and creative way to expose our youth to the vast array of career opportunities within the residential construction industry. When children get asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” We believe that the construction industry should be in the realm of possibilities that one might want to strive for. We want students to understand how they could be a part of an industry that builds and develops the infrastructure, housing options as well as the amenities in the communities that they call home.

Our Vision . . .

That education and industry stakeholders share this activity book with the community as an opportunity to support and promote careers in the skilled trades as viable career pathways following high school graduation. We want to rid the construction industry of the blue-collar stigma and ensure that individuals of all demographics know that there is a future in residential construction.

Our Success . . .

Be an advocate!

  • Please share our Activity Book for the Skilled Trades
  • Assist your child in working through this activity book
  • Explore and discuss career opportunities within the residential construction industry
  • Learn more about your local high school career centers and the programs they offer
  • Attend local community career exploration events
Click here to download your free activity workbook Information about workforce development