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Since 1996, the HBA Event Magazine has developed into a visually stunning “go-to” publication for consumers, providing outstanding value to members by putting them in front of potential customers at all major HBA events. In 2011 the publication emerged into the digital age, adding a user-friendly online version with links from advertisers to their websites, and from Builder/Remodeler Profiles to their websites (seen below).  Even greater surprises are in store for 2012 – both digitally and physically – that will increase the effectiveness of your advertising and Builder/Remodeler Profiles.

  • Builder/Remodeler Profile PLUS – Bonus values for Builders/Remodelers who advertise!
  • Unique, distinguishable cover for each HBA event – unique and event-specific!
  • 100% Color Publication!
  • Two new sizes of advertising, and new premium ad space options
  • Additional enhancements that must be seen to be believed! Watch for the first issue… unveiled at the 2012 Home Show.

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NEW for 2012:

Builder/Remodeler Profile PLUS

As an HBA member, both Builders and Remodelers have the opportunity to take advantage of a FREE business promotion by submitting their profile/bio to be placed in the HBA Event Magazine. As a BONUS this year those that advertise in the publication will have their profile/bio highlighted, in addition to logo placement next to their profile/bio. More goodies also will be included in the PLUS profiles, but you have to sign up before October 17th. Call today for more information.

Unique Cover for Each Event

In the past we have utilized one magazine cover in each calendar year, for all three runs of the magazine (Home Show, Parade of Homes and Home Remodeling EXPO). This year, consumers will enjoy a unique, “Event Specific” experience with distinct information and imagery on the magazine cover and inside – tailored to each event. Consumers attending our three main events will have more reason than ever to browse every page – at every HBA event! Be on the lookout for a sneak peak of the Home Show issue cover in the near future.

100% Color Publication

If you have advertised in Black and White in the past, do not panic. We have adjusted the prices to make everyone happy! For the past five years the demand for color has increased dramatically. Only a few advertisers still choose the old black and white option. Today, every reader expects color on every page. To make the magazine a more inviting and browsed publication, and because requests for black and white advertising option are increasingly rare, we are making the move to a 100% full-color magazine! To accomodate those who, for budgetary reasons, still would prefer the less expensive B&W option, we reduced the ad prices for the 1/3 and 1/6 page color ads to allow a more comfortable price point for those black-and-white advertisers. With a little creativity, some members could use this to their advantage in a publication filled with color. For example, a full page black and white ad with a touch of color might just catch some extra attention.

NEW Ad Sizes (Limited) and Premium Ad Space

Over the past few years members have requested a few unique ad sizes. So, we have added the 1/3 Banner and 2/3 Square. With a limit of two per publication, we expect these not to last for long. See pages 30 and 31 in the 2011 Event Magazine (below) for an example. Because these ad sizes make the overall magazine layout a bit more challenging, we have limited each size to only two each. This is considered Premium Ad Space so you must call (881-3711) to reserve. Other Premium Ad Space is the Inside Front Cover, Page #1, Inside Back Cover and Back Cover. Previous advertisers must claim these Premium Ad Spaces before November 1, 2011 (not far away).

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