Coming out of Stay at Home Order – Greene County & Springfield

Revised Civil Emergency Order for Springfield & Greene County – April 30, 2020 Missouri’s Economic Reopening Order and Phase 1 Guildlines – April 27, 2020

The City of Springfield and Greene County held a press conference on April 30th 2020 to introduce the new Civil Emergency Order (click here to view Exhibit A).

The new Civil Emergency Order goes into effect 12:01am May 4th and is in effect for 30 days unless renewed or withdrawn.

Nothing has changed for the construction industry. Construction is still considered an essential business and the social distancing requirements, PPE requirements and enhanced cleaning guidelines are still in place.

Following is a quick recap of what has changed. (click here to view the complete order – Exhibit A).

  • Businesses providing personal care services (barbers, hairdressers, manicurists, estheticians, piercing technicians, tattoo artists and massage therapists) shall require employees to wear a mask while providing services for which physical distancing is not possible and shall require customers, to the extent possible while receiving the service, to wear a mask or other facial cover.
  • Personal care services must limit the number of ALL persons, including but not limited to employees, vendors and customers, in any particular business location at any one time. (Formulas are in Exhibit A).
  • All essential and non-essential businesses shall limit the number of customers in any particular business or retail location at any one time. (Formulas are in Exhibit A).
  • No Essential Business or Non-Essential Business may provide any business or non-business activity that enhances the risk of the spread of a communicable disease by bringing groups of people together to share the same space, indoors or outdoors, in close physical proximity for a period of time. Examples include but are not limited to:
    • Entertainment, movies, concerts and other live performances, dancing, arcades, gaming, bowling, billiards and pool;
    • Exhibitions and museums;
    • Contact sports, fitness classes, playgrounds
    • Swimming pools prior to 12:01am on May 23, 2020
    • Religious services except as permitted in this Order;
    • Conferences and seminars;
    • Bars, nightclubs, and brewery taprooms shall remain closed
  • Public gatherings are prohibited. This includes any planned or spontaneous event that could facilitate the spread of a communicable disease except events with 15 or fewer persons in attendance.

We anticipate the rest of the cities and counties in Southwest Missouri will be issuing updates over the next week – please log on to for updates.