Bussell Building Inc Receives SBJ Dynamic Dozen Honors

Bussell Building Inc. was honored as one of the SBJ’s Dynamic Dozen. One of the reasons for choosing Bussell Building was their $28.4 million in revenues from 2017 and 136 percent growth over three years. The HBA of Greater Springfield is proud to have Bussell Building as a member and would like to extend a big “CONGRATULATIONS” to both Kenny and Tyler.

In connection with the SBJ Dynamic Dozen 2018 awards, the Springfield Business Journal interviewed Kenny and Tyler Bussell with Bussell Building, Inc. They were asked, “What is the worst business advice you’ve received?”

Bussell responded by saying, “there is a point when a company gets big enough to where people think, “good enough is good enough.” If you delegate something out, and someone says they’ve done it, you just don’t have time to double check it. Especially in this industry – when you’re providing a product for the public – if you get complacent … that’s when you start getting into trouble. You just have to keep the same quality at all times. If you get bigger, you just have to figure out a way to keep that quality there.” For this full story, and more questions like this, go to SBJ.net or click here.

Visit two of the Bussell Building’s homes during the HBA Parade of Homes starting June 15th.

SBJ Dynamic Dozen Photo Gallery

SBJ Dynamic Dozen Bussell Building

This post brought to you by the SBJ and Bussell Building, Inc.