Booth Height Restrictions & Information

Booth Height Restrictions & Information

Exhibit Space:

For each 8×10 or 10×10 booth space, the HBA shall provide green & black mix draperies and hardware (EXCEPT bulk spaces), one draped 6-foot table, two chairs, and a garbage can.

Booth height restrictions:

The height restriction for all exhibitors or portions of the 100 Hall, INCLUDING SIGN, is 16 feet. If your booth is over 16 feet, there will be an additional charge of $300. The height restrictions for all exhibits or portions thereof located in the 200 or 300 Halls, including sing, is 8 ½ feet. Due to fire regulations, there shall be no exceptions in the 200 or 300 Halls unless previously approved by the City Fire Marshall. The ‘Front Line’ of exhibit booth:

  • Sidewalls of the adjoining booth may carry the background height out to within 2 feet of the ‘front line’.
  • The front 2 feet of space must not have the equipment or display material over 42 inches high.
  • No part of the display may extend beyond the ‘front line’ of the exhibit space into the aisle.

No tolerance policy: The Exhibitor is responsible for following these rules. If the booth display goes over the booth line or does not follow the height limitations, the Exhibitor will be required to Immediately Correct The Problem. If the problem is not immediately corrected, the booth is subject to removal by the Show Committee at Exhibitor’s expense.

Flooring & Walls:

Floor covering is required in all booths and any visible unfinished sides of exhibits (front, back & sides) must either be finished or covered with drape.