Work with the HBA to Stabilize Your Health Insurance Cost!

The HBA of Greater Springfield needs your help to attempt to establish a Health Insurance Consortium!

Huge increases in health insurance premiums have become the accepted norm and are crippling our members that currently offer health insurance benefits. Your HBA (HBA of Greater Springfield) is working directly with Naught Naught Insurance Agency in an effort to establish a consortium that could potentially lead to significantly smaller increases in premiums.

What is a Health Insurance Consortium? A Health Insurance Consortium allows individual businesses to join together to increase their purchasing power. This allows participating businesses to have access to large fully insured groups without traditional small group rates. There is little risk in a consortium. Each participating business maintains the ability to have a plan that works for their company. There is access to high quality medical care and the opportunity to stabilize cost by pooling with other businesses to obtain the best rates possible.

Businesses Join Together to Increase their Purchasing Power

The ONLY way we can begin the process of attempting to establish a Health Insurance Consortium is by gathering information from our members that are interested in this possibility. If we are able to establish a consortium, you could potentially see long term rate stability, underwriting preference and quality benefits. The goal is to control annual increases, not necessarily lower initial rates than what you are currently paying.

If you would like to be part of the solution, please fill out the Quote Request with Census Information and return this form to Charlyce Ruth at the HBA office as quickly as possible. We need to know if there is enough interest to pursue this possibility by July 15th. This information will be turned over to Cox Health Systems HMO to be reviewed and to obtain pricing if there is enough interest.

Please call Michael Burnell or Jeff Baggett at Naught Naught Insurance Agency (417.581.6963) with any questions.