What is the Coalition for Building a Better Tomorrow?

What is the Coalition for Building a Better Tomorrow (CBBT)? It is your tool to elect officials who understand that a healthy housing industry is essential to economic prosperity. The Coalition, often referred to as the “CBBT”, is the official political action committee of the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield. The CBBT’s goal is to recruit and support candidates for office who know that policies which nurture a healthy housing market result in job creation and strengthening the local economy.
Why does it matter to you who gets elected to local and state offices?
Officeholders make decisions everyday about mandatory regulatory policy, fees/taxes, planning and zoning — all of which affect your business, community growth and economic development directly. Winston Churchill once said that public officials see business and industry in one of three ways: “Some regard private enterprise as if it were a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look upon it as a cow that they can milk. Only a handful see it for what it really is — the strong horse that pulls the whole cart.”
How do you want elected officeholders to view your business? As Churchill pointed out, government officials typically view your businesses in one of the three following ways:

-See your business as a PREDATORY TIGER TO BE SHOT
These are the politicians who believe government knows more about your business than you do. They don’t ask for your input even when making regulatory decisions which affect your industry. They trust government more than private enterprise and the free market. They never met red tape and regulation they didn’t like!

-See your business as a CASH COW
These are the politicians that see your business as the way to generate more revenue for government — they never met a tax or new fee they didn’t like!

-See your business as the STRONG HORSE pulling the cart to market
These are the fellow citizens in public service who understand that our businesses fuel the engine that drives the economy. They understand we take the risk, create the jobs, and purchase goods that generate tax revenue for local governments. They want to remove the obstacles that hamper our progress and when they make decisions about our industry, they ask us for input. These are the people the CBBT works to elect to office.

What can you do to help elect those who understand a healthy housing industry is fundamental to healthy local economy? Support the CBBT financially by participating in and/or sponsoring our primary fundraising event, the Sporting Clay Tournament. The tournament is scheduled for Friday, September 24 this year — download the registration form by clicking here.
The CBBT has a track record of success:
• Providing financial/grassroots support to HBA member Sam Clifton’s successful campaign for Nixa Mayor in ‘10.
• Creating a legislated alternative to mandatory residential fire sprinkler code adoption for the state and local jurisdictions. This is an overwhelming victory – no one can adopt mandatory residential fire sprinkler code until 2012 and now there is an alternative ordinance model for adopting a mandatory offer of fire sprinklers rather than mandatory installation.
• Successfully supporting and partnering on an initiative to elect pro-economic development candidates to Springfield City Council, three of whom were elected in April 2009.
• Successfully defeating mandates at the state and local level including impact fees, mandatory warranties and other costly, unnecessary regulations.
• Advocating for pro-housing legislation, such as the Right to Repair legislation which passed in 2005 and has proven to reduce liability insurance premiums in the state.