Utah Approves $6000 Grant for Purchase of Newly Constructed Homes

The state of Utah will set aside $10 million in federal stimulus money to provide $6,000 grants to those who purchase newly constructed homes. State leaders believe the investment will help reduce new home inventory quickly and jump start demand for new construction again — thereby creating some 8,800 jobs and $324 million in wages for the economy.

To qualify, the home being purchased must be a newly constructed home and the buyers must have an income under $150,000 for a couple or $75,000 for an individual. Also in Utah, Governor Huntsman is using $1.8 million of federal stimulus money to help provide counseling services and other assistance to help stem the tide of foreclosures.

Why doesn’t Missouri consider the same provision? Using the federal stimulus money to leverage substantial consumer investments is the surest and fastest way to get money moving through the state’s economy again. The economic slump started with a slow down in new homes sales. The surest way to accelerate an economic recovery is to get new home sales moving again. This idea is gaining traction in Missouri. If you think this is a good idea as well, take the initiative to contact your state legislators about the concept.

To CALL or EMAIL your State Senator:
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Senator Norma Champion (573) 751-2583 – Email by clicking here
Senator Dan Clemens (573) 751-4008 – Email by clicking here
Senator Delbert Scott (573) 751-8793 – Email by clicking here
Senator Jack Goodman (573) 751-2234 – Email by clicking here

Click here to view district maps to determine your State Representative and view their contact information online. As well, Rep. Allen Icet is in a key leadership position to determine how the federal stimulus money will be spent. It would help if our legislators communicated with him that this would be an excellent use for a portion of the stimulus money. You can also contact his office directly at 573-751-1247 or Allen.Icet@house.mo.gov.