Dream. Plan. Improve. Build.

Whether you want to dream, plan, improve or build – the HBA’s 2010 Home Show has everything to inspire your home improvement or building project under one roof. Attendees of the HBA Home Show, which runs from Friday, January 29 through Sunday, January 31, will have an opportunity to visit with approximately 225 exhibitors occupying more than 450 booths in the Springfield Expo Center. Cost of admission is $6. Children under 12 are admitted free. Show times:
-Friday, January 29 – Noon to 8 pm
-Saturday, January 30 – 10 am to 8 pm
-Sunday, January 31 – 11 am to 5 pm

“The Show continues to be the best ‘hands-on’ way for people to experience the outstanding craftsmanship, products and resources that are available for their specific home remodeling or building project,” said Matt Morrow, CEO of the HBA of Greater Springfield. “The home professionals are immediately available to answer questions, look at plans and connect people with up-to-date information about trends in home design and improvement.”

This year’s Home Show will also feature informative seminars and demonstrations. “You can learn more about numerous home-related topics including the latest in house plans, how to take advantage of energy efficiency tax credits, and which home improvements add the most value to your house,” said Morrow. (For a full schedule of Seminar titles and times, visit and click on Events, and then click Home Show icon.)

When the HBA polled its member “style experts” about what’s hot in home design, they all agreed that outdoor living and more universal, functional design are driving forces in the industry. Some of their other insights:-Check out improvements in lighting options so you can enjoy your outdoor space at night;
-Expect to see brighter and bolder color choices – navy and gray will also make a comeback;
-More minimalistic looks, less elaborate designs;-Wallpapering one wall with a big pattern or textured paper to create a focal point in the room;
-Ergonomically correct fixtures will be attractive, not institutional looking: handles and fixtures for doors, bathrooms and kitchens will be beautiful and easier to use.

Morrow said that while national information about housing sends many mixed messages, our local economy shows very real signs of strength and that’s always positive for home building, buying or improving. “The latest labor statistics show we’re up 1,600 jobs here. Plus, we don’t have the burden of being overbuilt – our market research shows we are closing on about twice as many homes as we are starting. It projects demand will begin to outpace supply in the first quarter of 2010,” he said.

Morrow also mentioned the fact that people are beginning to understand and respond to the new home loan requirements. “The extension of the Housing Tax Credit beyond just new home buyers is also helping more people take advantage of great values in housing, materials and low mortgage rates,” he said.

What’s New This Year? Home Show2 Squared
This year, there’s another home-related event in the downtown area for Expo attendees to enjoy. Home Show2 (Squared), sponsored in conjunction with Urban Districts Alliance (UDA) and the Urban Neighborhoods Alliance (UNA), is an Urban Living Tour that will feature five downtown condos and five single family homes in the West Central neighborhood. Tour-goers will experience the diverse, innovative housing options being developed in the central part of the city. A shuttle will pick up for the tour at the Expo Center and make a loop to the Tour sites, returning attendees to the Expo, (or people are welcome to drive themselves to see the homes on tour.) The Tour is scheduled for Noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday, January 30 and Sunday, January 31. The cost is $8 or a combined ticket for the Home Show and Tour can be purchased for $10. For more information contact the UDA at 831-6200.

“While people are already in the downtown area for Home Show, they can spend part of the day touring urban condos/homes and enjoy all the other great amenities located in the vicinity such as outstanding restaurants and unique shops,” said Morrow. “You’ll be able to attend two very different but equally entertaining ‘Home Shows’ downtown during the last weekend of January.”