Summary of the 2013 Home Show – Photos, Videos and More

The 2013 HBA Home Show (sponsored by Meek’s) was an unqualified success. More than 13,500 visitors enjoyed all of the new booths and the new booth locations. Attendance was up and people were extremely interested in speaking with vendors to discuss projects they were ready to get started on – a great sign for the local construction industry. In addition, more than 4,400 HBA Event Magazine were distributed at the Home Show and more than 4,400 impressions and 600+ reads of the digital version of the same publication were recorded as of January 28nd. This was the first year the digital version of the magazine was made available well in advance of the Home Show and it proved to be quite popular.

2013 was the year of change for the Home Show – all vendors were in a different location. Even though change is quite painful, the outcome was worth it. This year was the third time all vendors were required to change locations and the end result is always a fantastic looking show with multiple new displays.

A special thanks goes out to all the Home Show volunteers:
John Harp, Celeste Skidmore, Robert Felton, Michele Day, TJ Loudis, Kathy O’Neil, Mark Foley, Sara Shelton, Shelley Wehner, Pam Nelson, Greg Adkins, J.W. DeLong, John Cunningham, Jeremy Ray, Jacque Essick, Amber Schnake, Sara Friga, James Tacke, Taron Young, Jody Chambers, Tom Little, Jason Owen, Emily Laurie, Kevin Clingan, Brandon Welch, Stan Bess, Tom Nave, Ryan Warden, Debi Murray, Lisa Bracy, Steve Wilcox, Max Hankins, David King, Keith Havens, Gary Edwards, Darrellene Sosebee, Crystal Shotts, Henry Novack IV, Scott Kisling, Cindy Kisling, Paul Kaminski, Brent Beattie, Johnny Smith, Sheila Collins, Megan Manes, Debbie Speake and Bryan Morris. Your help makes the Home Show possible. Ask how you can volunteer for the 2013 Home Remodeling EXPO or 2014 Home Show.

Below are some visual and statistical summaries of the 2013 Home Show:

Home Show Setup Timelapse Photos: Web Traffic (January 1st – January 28th, 2013): – 22,294 Pagesviews with 8,262 Visitors and 6,248 Unique Visitors

Home Show Page – 4,878 Pageviews with 3,969 Unique Visitors and average time of 1 minute and 55 seconds on the page. Pageviews were up 31.53% and Unique Pageviews were up 33.10% from the 2012 Home Show.”Vendors to See” was the most visited page within the Home Show Page at 1,032 pageviews.

iFINDAPRO Page – As a result from the Home Show traffic the iFINDAPRO page received 671 visits from January 1-28.


Home Show 2013 TV Coverage:

Additional Photos:

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