Springfield Issues New Administrative Rulings on Residential Code

Chris Straw, City of Springfield Building Development Services Director, has issued several new administrative rulings related to the International Residential Code. Straw recently shared these rulings with the HBA and they have been reviewed by the Regulatory Advocacy Committee, chaired by Shannon Lee, Rock Solid Construction. To download the full text of the administrative ruling, click on its number.

  1. #2012-02: This ruling clarifies concrete encased electrode requirements for both residential and commercial construction. On residential and commercial projects, if the concrete electrode required by the adopted codes is not provided, and it is determined that one is required after the placement of the footing concrete, the reinforcement steel shall be exposed and the proper connection made.
  2. #2012-03: This ruling was made to clarify the field testing requirements of the International Building Code of fire rated door for proper closing and latching. (In reference to the 2012 IRC, the new requirement for a self-closing device for a door from a residential garage into the house was amended out in the City of Springfield when they adopted the new code.)
  3. #2012-04: This ruling was made in order to clarify the materials allowed to maintain the integrity of the fireblocking in one and two family dwellings. This will be of particular interest to companies which supply spray foam insulation because of specific references to use of that product.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Shannon Lee, chair of the Regulatory Advocacy Committee at 581-8096 or email shannon@buildrocksolid.com. You can also contact Chris Straw at 864-1059 or email cstraw@springfieldmo.gov