Share Your Biggest Bureacratic Obstacles with the HBA!

Just about every HBA member has war stories. Some “new” requirement added at the eleventh hour by a city or county staffer that threatens to blow up a whole development? Perhaps differing code interpretations by different inspectors for the same city? Or do you have other pet peeves when dealing with a building regulations or planning and zoning department? Are there certain things that certain cities and/or counties do that only stand in the way of getting a good project off the ground?

Why not share your experiences with your fellow HBA members? Not only is venting good for the soul, but it could turn out to be quite constructive for your business. Using the message board on the members only section of, members can now post examples of some of the challenges they are facing in the field (anonymously, if they prefer). Then, when HBA representatives have their regularly scheduled meetings with building and planning and zoning officials, we can raise the issues and try to get some resolution.
Would you like to participate? Just go to and log in as a member. Or, if you don’t have a member login, simply create one at the site. Once your login is approved, you’ll have access to these and other valuable members-only content. But, for those who just can’t wait to jump on this message board, I suppose you can just click here. Have fun.
Matt Morrow
HBA Executive Officer