Note from Matt re: Ozark & Nixa Politics

Hey guys, I just wanted to update you on a couple of meetings I have coming up next week related to April 5 elections. You are certainly welcome at either of these meetings, if you can make it. In both cases the candidates have requested a chance to meet with me about their campaigns. I’m providing a brief synopsis of each here, as background, based on what I know so far. I suspect in both cases requests for CBBT support will be forthcoming.

1. Shane Nelson, candidate for Ozark Mayor. Jeff Fahrlander, Monica and Andy Jenisch, and Eddie Campbell (Ozark Alderman we supported when he ran successfully a couple of years ago) all have asked that I meet Shane. Nelson himself was at our Home Show and we got to visit briefly there too. Those mentioned above all seem to think he is the guy to back for Ozark Mayor. He is a small businessman with Ozark Abstract & Title. Seems very pro-growth, pro-builder at first approach. He is challenging an incumbent who has had some problems there in Ozark. This meeting is over lunch on Monday (Feb 7) at 11:30 in Prima’s in Ozark.

2. Tom Maher has asked to sit down and discuss strategy as he runs for re-election in Nixa. In addition, Tom would like to see Andrew Ellis receive our support (top two vote getters will hold offices on the council). The third candidate in that race is Kevin Mueller, who you may recall made quite a high-profile stink (and lots of public ugly comments about some people we really like in Nixa!) opposing a new residential development that was ultimately approved by Nixa City Council near the subdivision where he lives. There may be other races in Nixa that need our attention (I’d defer to the Mayor’s counsel on that one), but this is what we’ve specifically been asked to help with. This meeting is Tuesday (Feb 8, after board meeting) at 2:30pm at the HBA office.

Just a heads up. As I said, you are welcome at both or either of these. Whether or not you can make it, you might want to expect requests for support to come from these campaigns. While much of our focus has been on the good government elections with city of Springfield, we need to also remember these very important races in Nixa and Ozark.