New HBA TV Spots Launch “Focus on Green”

SPRINGFIELD, MO –Today the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield announced it is partnering with City Utilities of Springfield and KY3 to launch a large scale new local public education program designed to promote and define green building practices in the Ozarks. The new partnership, titled “Focus on Green,” is based on the model of the hugely successful “Focus on Home” program, which is a joint effort of the HBA, KY3, and the Greater Springfield Board of Realtors.

“We’ve learned through ‘Focus on Home’ that an aggressive campaign mix of ads, promos and tips can help educate the public and drive them to Internet resources that provide a deeper understanding of issues related to their homes,” HBA Executive Officer Matt Morrow said. “The new ‘Focus on Green’ allows us to apply that proven model to a rapidly emerging movement in the housing market that is still largely undefined by many.”

The HBA today released the first two 30 second television spots, both of which will begin airing on KY3 on Monday, May 12. The spots were written and created by ADSmith Communications. The spots give the basics on green building and guide viewers to learn more at, where the HBA has access to abundant green building resources, including information on the new National Green Building Standard, local builders who build green, and a local green building blog. To watch the television spots that were released today, click the play buttons on each window below.

In April 2008, the HBA of Greater Springfield was honored with the 2008 Springfield-GreeneCounty “Choose Environmental Excellence Award” in recognition of environmental stewardship that serves as a model for business and industry. In 2007, the association adopted voluntary residential green building guidelines to encourage environmentally responsible building and development. The HBA applied these guidelines to its own office building, a project that was completed in May 2007.