National Honors for Your HBA

Today was another full day at the Executive Officers Seminar of NAHB in Providence, RI. Education sessions continued and I have pages of important and valuable notes from seminars today on Advanced Association Law and Data Collection & Member Needs Assessments. Charlyce received expert instruction in membership retention and meeting member needs. So much valuable information was shared today that we’ll need some time to sift through it all. Still, it is so useful to get advanced content like this from some of the best experts in their field. I anticipate it will pay off greatly for our members.

Today saw three more Association Excellence Awards for the HBA of Greater Springfield, bringing your HBA’s total national awards to five for the year. You can read about the two we received before today in yesterday’s blog entry. Today, the HBA of Greater Springfield received the honors of:

  • Best Political Action Program AdministeredOzark Board of Aldermen Elections 
  • Best Workforce Development Plan ImplementedPartnership with OTC on the Construction Readiness Program
  • Best Specialty Fundraising ProgramCBBT Sporting Clays Tournament
For the second year in a row, the HBA of Greater Springfield received more Association Excellence Awards than any other association in our size category. This is a great recognition of the work of our members, committees, and board of directors, as well as the support efforts of the HBA staff. It is a great honor to work with you on these projects, and I’m so proud that your efforts continue to receive recognition on a national stage.
I was surprised to learn tonight that our president, Kevin Clingan (and our board of directors and staff) had nominated me to receive the EOC’s top national award of Executive Officer of the Year. I was even more shocked to actually receive the award at tonight’s AEA Awards Gala. This is a great honor to receive and I am so humbled by it. 
One of the great things about my job is that I often get credit for the work of others. Because of this reality, I always want to be cautious not to fall into the trap of believing my own press clippings. I want you to know that I consider this award to be recognition of the great home builders association we all treasure. It is recognition of a uniquely visionary and dynamic board of directors; of a remarkably talented and committed staff; and, most of all, of our truly exceptional members – the caliber of which most associations simply could never imagine the privilege of serving. I have said it before, but I believe it cannot be said enough: I am so grateful to work for you, our HBA members. Thank you so much for allowing me that honor.
Another late night. Signing off from Providence, RI until tomorrow.  
– Matt