NAHB to Shut Down Operations –Thanksgiving Week (November 23-27)

As a cost savings measure, the National Association of Home Builders will be closed for business for eight days in 2009. Under the plan, NAHB shut down its operations for the final week of August and will shut down the three days prior to the Thanksgiving holiday (November 23, 24 and 25). In addition, all staff compensation has been cut by a commensurate amount. NAHB CEO Jerry Howard reported to the NAHB Board of Directors in May that “this shutdown plan, along with other cost-cutting measures already adopted, is being implemented to help the Association save millions of dollars.”
During this shut down, NAHB staff will not be in the office or generally available via phone or e-mail. Staff will respond to messages received during the closure when they return to the office. Should you have a question or concern, during this time period and are uncertain as to where it should be directed, you can review the NAHB Subject and Staff Directories at:, or leave a message with the NAHB Service Center via phone or e-mail at: 800/368-5242 ext 0 or You will receive a response when normal business operations are resumed.
The flexibility of the NAHB membership is appreciated during this challenging time period.