More Relevant. More Timely. More Impact

Our data-to-date shows strong member response to this new weekly version of the Housing News. We are able to track the number of those who open and interact in various ways with this electronic newsletter. Not only will that help guide us in making content decisions that serve you better, it will also help our advertisers measure the return on investment more accurately.

The Housing News weekly is helping us deliver relevant member news in a more timely and concise way. It also offers advertisers greater impact with a format that offers less clutter and more frequency. If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out the advertising options available in the Housing News Weekly, (and the new printed Housing News Quarterly,) you can do so by clicking here. There are also advertorial options when your company has a new product or service to promote that warrants a headline and article in the Weekly edition. You can also place banner ads on the blog pages to which articles link — that provides for both member-to-member and member-to-public advertising options on event blogs (Parade of Homes, Home Show, etc.)

In January, the new Housing News Quarterly printed publication will debut in a more colorful, visually streamlined format featuring event photos, industry news analysis and other exclusive data. Also designed to minimize clutter, the Quarterly’s advertising options are limited and offer higher profile branding opportunities for member advertisers. Check out these new member advertising options and you’ll discover they are more relevant, more timely, offer more impact and more return on your investment!