Missouri’s Mechanic’s Lien Law Affects You – FREE Seminar

  • Join attorneys Michael Bridges and Jason Smith for this informative presentation March 13 at 3:00 in The Library Center – 4653 S Campbell Ave.
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In 2010, the Missouri legislature enacted sweeping and controversial changes to the state’s mechanic’s lien law related to residential property.  Among other things, the new statute – Section 429.016 – broadened the definition of “residential real property,” imposed new notice requirements on lien claimants, and provided property owners and developers with methods of potentially cutting off the lien rights and enforcement options of subcontractors and suppliers.  Having been in effect for two years, the impact and applications of some provisions of the new law are now clear, while others are not.

The new Missouri law applies to mechanic’s liens against residential real property, other than liens for the repair, remodeling, or addition to owner-occupied residential property of four units or less (covered by other statutory sections). One wishing to maintain the right to file a residential property lien must record a “Notice of Rights” in the recorder of deeds office for the county in which the project is located. The new law also establishes the form and content of the Notice of Rights. When the record owner hires a builder, each builder, the trade contractors at every tier (i.e., subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, etc.), and the suppliers qualifies as a claimant.

Join attorneys Michael Bridges and Jason Smith for an engaging and informative presentation and discussion on this important topic at 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 13th at the Library Center.