MarketGraphics Market Snapshot: Two Key Indicators in the Crossfire

MarketGraphics Market Snapshot:
Two Key Indicators in the Crossfire … and the Art of Pre-Selling

Key Indicator # 1. Southwest Missouri’s population continues to grow, outpacing all other metropolitan areas in Missouri.  Hooray!

Key Indicator # 2.  A review of Southwest Missouri’s current new home measurable activities (primarily reviewing starts, inventory, and closings) shows an improving trend, albeit modest.

Get Me Out of the Crossfire! So….the population is increasing faster than the creation of new homes.  What gives?  While it’s the trend to rationalize lack of demand on past overbuilding, lending and appraisal issues, and distressed values, perhaps that’s not the total story.  If you want to get out of the crossfire and just be successful in this homebuilding business, look for the other issues affecting demand.

The Art of Preselling.  What if you committed to only build what you are convinced that people will buy…and what if your commitment was so strong that you would only build pre-sold homes?  We would like to help you (1) learn more about the art of pre-selling homes and (2) take less risk in your homebuilding business.

For in-depth analysis of the latest local trends and forecasts from MarketGraphics and Zanola Company, register today to attend the 2011 Ozarks Regional Housing & Construction Conference.

Following the conference, Zanola Company also will be presenting “The Art of Preselling Homes” webinar for builders.  This webinar is available only to members of the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield and will be on Wednesday, June 1, at 1:00pm.  Please contact Rachel Ballard for more information and to register. Members may attend virtually from their own computer connection, or as a group onsite at the HBA of Greater Springfield.