MarketGraphics Market Snapshot – Regional Review

MarketGraphics Total Markets Outlook

The MarketGraphics Comparison of Markets for October 2010 reveals similar trending for most MarketGraphics New Homes Research Markets. Generally speaking (a) developed lot inventories have plateaued, (b) permits are increasing, and (c) new home inventories are declining. All good news!
In spite of improving supply/demand inventories greater factors, including employment and mixed economic news have many potential home buyers remaining in a holding pattern.

What Are The Trends Telling Us?

Two trends are notable at this time:

1. Southwest Missouri Homeowners and Buyers. Compared most MarketGraphics markets the Springfield area trends favorably for future population and employment growth.

2. Southwest Missouri New Home Inventories. The Springfield area current new home supply/demand conditions are among the best throughout the MarketGraphics markets.

Real World Success Question—What have we learned that can make a difference next year? Do you have a 2011 plan with less waiting for change and more actions to make change happen?