Local Media Enthused About HBA Parade of Homes

As anticipation for the 2010 HBA Parade of Homes built this week, local media outlets flocked to the major regional event. 

KOLR’s Tom Trtan and Sonya Kullmann interviewed builders and promoters of the HBA Parade of Homes from inside Parade homes this week. Following is their live interview with Bob Fitzgerald. Bob and builder Kenny Bussell have three homes on the 2010 Parade:

KY3’s Chad Plein reports that the 2010 HBA Parade of Homes in and around Springfield and Branson, Missouri has a more positive vibe going than in recent years. That is reflective of what is going on in the broader home building and housing marketplace: signs of recovery. Excitement surrounds the 2010 Parade, with something for everyone. And, if you’ve been thinking of buying or building a new home, there may be no better time to make your move than right now. You can watch that story here:

Here is a sampling of more of the coverage from Friday, June 18 (opening day of the 2010 HBA Parade of Homes):