Local E-Verify Coverage Features HBA Cautions

By ending in a deadlocked vote last week, the Springfield City Council effectively placed a proposal by the Springfield Minutemen organization on the ballot for voters to decide, by default. At question is whether local businesses should be held to a more stringent standard in their hiring practices than federal or state law already require. The proposal would require any business that is based in Springfield or conducts business in Springfield to use the voluntary federal employment eligibility online database – known as “E-Verify” whenn hiring employees.

Local media outlets covering the issue turned to the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield for comment on the controversial measure. Below, see/read HBA CEO Matt Morrow and Government Affairs Specialist Jennifer McClure as they comment on behalf of the HBA in coverage in the Springfield News-Leader and KOLR-10/KSFX-27, respectively.


Monday, September 5, 2011

In the absence of reliable estimates of the number of illegal immigrants in the Ozarks, the Ozarks Minutemen and other supporters of the E-Verify ordinance frequently have relied on anecdotal evidence when asked why their proposal is needed.

“One only has to look at local roofing and construction crews to see the problem,” says the group’s website.That statement paints the building trades with too broad a brush, said Matt Morrow, CEO of the Homebuilders Association of Greater Springfield.

“It’s unfair and without basis most of the time,” Morrow said. “It’s a much more rare exception than people think.”

Morrow said most builders and subcontractors “are absolutely committed to doing what they do in a way that is legal, ethical and above-board…”



KOLR/KSFX: E-Verify Ordinance Raises Questions Among Construction Business

Reported by: Joy Robertson
Wednesday, September 07 2011

(Springfield, MO) — Tuesday night’s City Council vote means Springfield voters will decide whether to approve an ordinance aimed at keeping undocumented workers from being employed.