Legislature considering many bills affecting housing industry

While there wasn’t any action related to the fire sprinkler bill this week, there were other bills affecting residential construction and small business that moved through the legislative process. Senate Bill 101, sponsored by Senator Mike Parson, was third read and passed out of the Senate, 31-0.  This bill creates requirements for contractors who perform home exterior and roof work .

The HBA of Greater Springfield has a number of concerns with this legislation, in its current form. As approved by the Senate, it stipulates that when a holder of property and casualty insurance enters into a contract for home exterior work, but is notified by the insurer that part or all of the work under contract will not be covered by the policy, the insurance holder may cancel the work contract within 5 business days of receiving the notification. The act provides procedures for how the insurance holder may cancel the contract. The act requires that certain notices regarding cancellation be included by home exterior contractors in their contracts. If a contract is cancelled, home exterior contractors must refund any payments or deposits made by an insurance holder within 10 days, except when the contractor performed agreed-upon necessary emergency services, in which case, the contractor is entitled to payment for services rendered. The legislation also prohibits home exterior contractors from representing or negotiating on behalf of any insurance holder regarding insurance claims for the related home exterior work. The bill further prohibits contractors who perform roof or other residential exterior work from offering to pay, in any monetary form, a homeowner’s insurance deductible as an incentive to encourage the homeowner to hire the contractor. Violations of the act by home exterior contractors would be considered an unlawful merchandising practice and may be prosecuted as such, if the legislation becomes law in its current form. Similar legislation is being considered in the house as HB 148.
House Bill 222 was voted out of the House Ways and Means Committee, 11-0. This bill is sponsored by Representative Schneider and prohibits state certified and state licensed real estate appraisers from using a property’s foreclosure price as a comparable property when developing an appraisal. In the Senate this week, the HBA will be following debate on Senate Bill 8, sponsored by Senator Jack Goodman, which restricts co-employee liability in workers’ compensation cases.

If you have questions or concerns about legislation, please contact HBA Government Affairs Specialist Jennifer McClure.

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