Legislation removes contribution limits

On August 28th, 2008, Senate Bill 1038 became law in Missouri. This act repeals the campaign contribution limits for certain candidates running for office in Missouri as well as making a number of other changes with respect to candidate and continuing committee campaign finance reporting. To download a more specific summary of the changes and their impact on reporting, visit the Missouri Ethics Commission website by clicking here.

Individuals and committees required to file campaign disclosure reports shall electronically file contributions exceeding $5,000 within 48 hours of receiving the contribution.

The treasurer and deputy treasurer of all committees shall reside in the district or county in which the committee sits.

Legislative and senatorial district committees shall retain only one address in the district in which it sits for the purpose of receiving contributions.

Out-of-state committees that make contributions in support of or against candidates or issues in elections shall report the names of its contributors even when the contributions originally made to the out-of-state committee were not made specifically to influence any particular election.

Current law imposes a penalty of twice the amount of the contribution or expenditure that is incorrectly reported up to $5,000. This amendment removes the $5,000 cap and imposes a penalty equal to the amount of the contribution for failing to file or filing incomplete reports.