KY3: Remodeled Springfield home features residential fire sprinkler system

KY3‘s Cara Restelli reports on a 100-year-old home in center city Springfield that is being remodeled – and outfitted with a residential fire sprinkler system. Such systems are supported by fire safety advocates, but their cost can be prohibitive. While some advocate mandating such costly systems as a part of the building code, home builders and fire officials in Missouri have sought middle ground: educating consumers and allowing them the option of paying for the upgrade – or declining it.  
Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield CEO Matt Morrow and HBA Remodeler Jack Pugh (B’s Rennaisance Renovations) are among those who were interviewed for the story.
When completed, the home will be featured among the entries on the 2009 HBA Parade of Homes, June 19-21 and June 26-28. 
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