Keep Bonus Rooms Comfy

In today’s new homes (and many remodeled ones) homeowners are trying to take more advantage of available space than ever before. One trend that has become prevalent is to use the space above a garage for a “bonus room” of sorts. This space, which in the past has typically been used only for attic storage, can be converted to conditioned space and a useful extra bedroom, playroom, media room, etc.

However, these rooms also can present some climate control challenges. They generally are situated above and adjacent to an unconditioned space (garage). They are at or near the highest point in the home (where stored heat can collect). They often present three sides of the four sided room directly to the exterior of the home. And they generally allow for less ceiling space for insulating. The result is that bonus rooms are notoriously tricky to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
HBA home builder Jeff Shryer has engineered his own solution that works quite well in the new homes he builds. Play the video entry in this post to see how he is addressing the climate control challenges of a bonus room. Then feel free to leave your comments and let us know how you keep your bonus room comfortable in all climates. Or, if you have questions for Jeff, click here to send him a e-mail.