Input Sought on Springfield’s Development Review Process

The City of Springfield has established a task force to analyze and recommend changes to the development review process. The task force consists of several department heads and representatives from the development community. HBA President-Elect Matt Bailey is among those working on the task force for better outcomes. The city has been surveying the development community (mostly the commercial development community thus far) for input on the development review process, but have not received many responses. City officials have asked for further input from the full development community, including residential builders and developers.
Please take a moment to complete an online survey about the current state of the development process in the City of Springfield. The survey is designed to be completed anonymously, utilizing the Survey Monkey online service. If you have opinions about the development approval process at the City of Springfield, it is very important that you participate in this anonymous survey. Just click here to complete the survey. Deadline for responses is 5:00PM on March 25.