Don't miss the HBA Home & Outdoor Living Show, April 12 - 14, 2024 Wilson Logistics Arena  |  Ozark Empire Fairgrounds  |  Springfield, MO
Don't miss the HBA Home &
Outdoor Living Show
April 12 - 14, 2024
Wilson Logistics Arena
Ozark Empire Fairgrounds
Springfield, MO

I’ll be Twittering Today live from the Zanola presentation

Today is the HBA of Greater Springfield’s big presentation of the latest area construction forecast and market analysis, courtesy of MarketGraphics and Zanola company. I am hopeful that lots of HBA members will be able to attend. If you’d like more information on the event, you can read all about it at this link, and I hope to see you at 10:30am at the Library Center in Springfield.

Meanwhile, if you are on Twitter, you can follow my updates live from the Zanola presentation later this morning (even if you can’t make it in person). I’ll be “Twittering” directly from the event. If you aren’t yet on Twitter, it’s a simple (and free) process to sign up. All you have to do is sign up to follow me on Twitter, and/or follow our HBA President Rusty MacLachlan on Twitter, and follow the directions as they are given. I’ll share more about Twitter later on this blog (I think there is all kinds of potential in this for HBA members), but for now I just wanted to be sure you have this opportunity to follow the live updates from this morning’s construction forecast event.

And, since by the afternoon you already will be following my “tweets,” I’d also like to invite you to follow as I Twitter live from Senator Kit Bond’s business roundtable discussion (starting at 3:30pm today at the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce). Among those businesspersons participating in the roundtable will be HBA President and home builder Rusty MacLachlan and HBA board member Lee Beaman (Beaman Electric). I’ll be sure and “tweet” all the highlights from there, too!