Housing News Advertisers Get Advance Peek at Housing News Weekly

As the HBA of Greater Springfield’s award winning Housing News magazine readies for a major transformation in the weeks ahead, advertisers in the publication are receiving their first look at the beta version of the HBA’s new Housing News Weekly E-Newsletter starting September 14.

In recent months and years, HBA members increasingly have asked that their HBA information be delivered in a real-time, user-friendly and electronic format, while still maintaining a promotional component that people can see, touch and feel. In response to this member demand, the HBA board of directors in July authorized the metamorphosis of the HBA Housing News monthly magazine into two new products: the HBA Housing News Weekly E-Newsletter and Housing News quarterly promotional publication.
The October issue of Housing News will be the final monthly magazine version of the publication. Housing News Weekly E-Newsletter will arrive in HBA member email inboxes starting Monday, October 5. The quarterly publication will commence in 2010. For two months now, HBA board members and staff have been receiving the electronic newsletter – making upgrades and improvements to the product along the way – before taking it to the full membership. This week, Housing News advertisers were added to the recipient list, in the hopes they too might provide meaningful input about the new product before the broader launch on October 5.
Housing News advertisers are provided with many advertising advantages in the new formats for the same or less financial commitment than they made in the monthly Housing News magazine. Among the advantages are greater frequency and accountability, measurable return on investment, and less cometitive clutter with large numbers of other advertisers.
HBA members interested in learning more about advertising opportunities in the Housing News Weekly E-Newsletter or in the Housing News quarterly mailer should contact Jennifer McClure to receive rate cards and discuss available options.