HBA-Missouri Update: New Construction Assessment Process, Unemployment Compensation, and More

Home Builders Association of Missouri
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Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City
Recently Filed Legislation and Upcoming Hearings:
House Bill 222 was filed this week by Representative Schneider.  This bill changes provisions governing assessment of newly constructed residential property.  HB 222

Monday- 1/24/2011
House-Workforce Development and Workplace Safety

12:00 PM, Hearing Room 6
Public hearing:
HB 163   Fisher Changes the laws regarding unemployment compensation benefits in order for Missouri to receive recently approved additional federal funds.
12:00 PM, Senate Committee Room  2
Overview of the FY 2012 Governor Recommendations continued
FY 2011 Supplemental Recommendations
FY 2012 Statewide Issues
Executive session may or may not follow
Senate-Judiciary Civil/Criminal Jurisprudence
6:00 PM, Senate Lounge
Public Hearing:
SB 8   Goodman Restricts co-employee liability in workers’ compensation cases.

Tuesday- 1/25/2011

8:00 AM, Senate Committee Room 2
Department of Revenue
Executive session may or may not follow

Wednesday- 1/26/2011
House-Small Business
12:00 PM, Hearing Room  7
Brad Jones (NFIB) will be bringing individuals from Missouri small business
community and hearing will be held for informational purposes.
Executive session may follow.

Key Legislation:
House Bill 46 filed by Representative Diehl- Sprinkler Bill

Senate Bill 108 filed by Senator Schmitt- Sprinkler Bill

Senate Bill 101 filed by Senator Parson which creates requirements for contractors who perform home exterior and roof work.

House Floor Action:
House Bill 45 passed through the house.  This bill is sponsored by Representative Hoskins.  This bill changes the laws regarding the Big Government Get Off My Back Act and provides an income tax deduction for certain small businesses that create new full-time jobs.

House Bill 73 was reported out of Rules Committee.  It will be 3rd read and passed out of the House.  This bill is sponsored by Representative Brandom.  This bill requires certain recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program benefits to be tested for the illegal use of controlled substances.

Senate Floor Action:
SR 27 was third read and passed on the Senate.  This resolution urges Attorney General Koster to challenge the federal health reform act by joining the other attorneys general in the lawsuit, file an independent lawsuit or join Lt. Governor Kinder’s lawsuit.  It is sponsored by Senator Cunningham.

Senate Appropriations News:

A review of the 2012 Governor’s Recommendations

Linda Luebbering, Director of Budget and Planning, presented the committee with the Fiscal Year 2012 Governor’s Recommendations.

Linda went through the components that balance the 2012 fiscal year 2012.  This total is $704.4 million.

Please note that permanent restrictions are $270.8 million, except for $2 million for Bright Flight and Access Missouri.

There is $67.4 million cost containment in Medicaid, half of the monies are going to be used for better manage of care the other half will be used for rate reductions.
The rate reductions are made up from three components:

  • Hospitals will see a $20 million General Revenue reduction due to changing the way on how we pay for outpatients services by changing the fee schedule.
  • There will be a 4% rate reduction in In Home Providers.
  • The state is going to scrub the administrative costs from Managed Care Companies

Linda noted that there is no recommendation from the Governor to expand managed care statewide because, according to the Mercer Report, the state will only save roughly about $1 million dollars. The reason the savings is so low is because the managed care plans end up paying higher rates than fee for services.

$38.1 million reduction will come from 863 state positions lost (many of these position are currently filled) The state plans to consolidate quality assurance staff in MO HealthNet into auditing and compliance staff for Department of Social Services, Department of Health and senior Services, and Department of Mental Health.
She then concluded with the items prioritized by the Governor for Fiscal Year 2012.  He would like to see an $8 million increase in funding for A+ scholarships.  This money is from a federal guaranteed agency, it will not come from General Revenue.  He would also like to see a $2 million increase in funding for Bright Flight and Access Missouri.

Full Budget Overview

Committee News:
Gubernatorial Appointments:

  • Robert Miller, as a member of the State Board of Mediation
  • Ann Pluemer, Democrat, as a member of the Saint Louis County Board of Election Commissioners
  • Ann Nunn-Jones, Democrat, as a member of the Missouri Real Estate Appraisers Commission
  • Sharlene Rimiller, as a member of the Missouri Board of Examiners for Hearing Instrument Specialists
  • Kenneth H. Suelthaus, Republican, as a member of the State Highways and Transportation
  • Commission
  • Mary Nelson, as a member of the Administrative Hearing Commission
  • Nicole Colbert-Botchway, Democrat, as a member of the Missouri Women’s Council
  • Jerome Lee, as a member of the Saint Louis City Board of Police Commissioners
  • Leo Blakley, Democrat, as a member of the Missouri Western State University Board of Governors
  • M. Blake Heath, Republican, as a member of the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners
  • Joseph S. Barbosa, as the student representative of the Northwest Missouri State University Board
  • Melanie J. Guthrie, as a member of the Advisory Commission for Anesthesiologist Assistants
  • James Rearden, as a member of the Missouri Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional
  • Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects
  • Kenneth J. Bonnot, as Director of the Division Credit Unions
  • Kathryn Swan, Republican, as a member of the Coordinating Board for Higher Education

Reboot in Government:

President Pro Tem, Rob Mayer, introduced the ideas that came from the Senate Reboot Committees.
For a complete report of the ideas: Click here

Economic Development Committee:

Sallie Hemenway, Director of Business and Community Services gave a 101 presentation to the committee.  Julie Gibson, Director of Workforce Development discussed her department’s efforts to decrease the unemployment rate.
Director Kerr then presented the Strategic Plan to the committee.
Complete Report

Crime Prevention:
Chairman Rodney Schad began with quick introductions of Committee members before yielding the floor to Lisa Schlottach for a presentation on the state of 911 services in Missouri.  Schlottach manages the 911 call center in Owensville and serves as president of the one year-old Missouri 911 Directors Association.
Complete Report
Approprations- Corrections and Public Safety:
The hearing consisted exclusively of department overviews from department heads at various public safety and corrections agencies.
Complete Report
Appropriations- Health, Mental Health, and Senior Services:
The hearing consisted solely of a presentation made the Department of Social Services.


Other News:

State of the State Address:

Governor Nixon gave his State of the State address tonight at 7pm.  Nixon stressed jobs numerous times in his speech and said his goal is to provide more jobs for the State of Missouri and fight for new businesses.  Broadband is now is 88 counties and we are receiving 286 million dollars from our efforts in MOBroadbandNow which will create more jobs.   He would like to see 5 million of the state’s budget to put aside for job training.  Nixon is ready to see the creation of Callaway Plant 2.  He will have to have the support of the legislature for completion of this project.  Nixon did stress how important education is to the state.  He wants to see stable, even funding for K-12 and keep programs such as Headstart and First Steps funded.  The Governor’s goal is to qualify all high schools for the A+ Program and place millions of dollars towards bright flight, Access Missouri, and A+ Program to keep them funded.  He even promises to give students a $500 dollar bonus for students who score proficient in math and science on state tests.  Nixon wants the General Assembly to allow the Tax Credit Review Commission present to the bodies to see these ideas through.  The Governor concluded with stressing that he will seek a balanced budget without raising taxes.

For the complete transcript of the speech, please click here:  State of the State