Promote Your Business through Your HBA – HBA Membership Marketing Resources 2018

HBA Marketing Resources 2018Review your 2018 HBA Membership Marketing Resources, with a few NEW goodies like “Top of the List” and “Category Banner Ads” or “Custom Sponsorships.” In addition, there have been a few price reductions in the money saving bundles and sponsorships, so everyone has an opportunity to play. Click here to view all your HBA Marketing Resources.

IMPORTANT: All requests for sponsorships must be submitted via email or in writing before November 14th, 2017 for a guarantee to be in the running. If you have questions about the selection process, please call us at 417.881.3711. The most updated copy will always be in Dropbox, but it is recommended that you download the pdf file or at the very least, open in Adobe Acrobat or Preview from within Dropbox (upper right “Open”).

NOT SURE WHERE TO START? Fill out our short and simple survey so we can get an idea of your interests. This has proven to be very helpful, especially for those new to HBA marketing opportunities or those looking to step up their participate in HBA marketing and sponsorships.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to go over this information, please email or call 881.3711.