HBA Finalizes New Strategic Plan

Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield

Springfield HBA

Strategic Plan 2011-2014

Our Mission

The Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield is the voice and advocate for construction professionals leading the way to protect and promote housing, and preserve the American dream of home ownership.

Our Values

We will accomplish this mission while protecting these values:

  • Promoting ethical business practices,
  • Honoring member-driven priorities,
  • Educating members and the community,
  • Exercising responsible stewardship,
  • Serving as an proactive industry advocate,
  • Serving as a professional resource for our members and the community,
  • Recognizing and motivating member participation.

KEY ISSUE AREA 1: Member Retention & Growth

Goal 1: We will increase current member retention to 85%.

We will accomplish this goal by implementing the following strategies:

  • Revamp New Member Orientation to better communicate opportunities for engagement and address differing associate and builder member needs.
  • Regularly communicate opportunities to maximize the value and benefits of membership.
  • Implement a systematic way to proactively contact members for the purpose of setting expectations and introducing them to additional opportunities to get involved with the HBA.

Goal 2: Increase overall membership by 25%.

We will accomplish this goal by implementing the following strategies:

  • Create a strategy to capitalize on advocacy, events, data collection and other HBA involvement and victories to increase membership from affected parties.
  • Create a tool / promotional resource for suppliers to give non-member builders for recruitment purposes.
  • Create an incentive program for existing members to recruit new members.
  • Implement a strategy to more effectively recruit non-members who participate in HBA events.
  • Review the need for an association name change to better reach our entire coverage area.

KEY ISSUE AREA 2: Member Engagement

Goal 1: We will improve the efficiency of our fundraising and event management by better coordinating and streamlining responsibilities and activities.

We will accomplish this goal by implementing the following strategies:

  • List and define the purpose of all fundraising activities, sponsorships, committees, events and other revenue-generating opportunities.
  • Centralize all appropriate development activities under one umbrella.
  • Plan events and fundraising activities a year in advance for member planning and sponsorship package development.
  • Expand fundraising opportunities among non-members and outside organizations.

Goal 2: Increase overall participation in HBA events.

We will accomplish this goal by implementing the following strategies:

  • Utilize technology to better communicate events and calendar items.
  • Add value for our members to all events, activities and programs by first creating a tool to objectively assess the value of an activity; then evaluating each event, activity and program for value; and finally designating a responsible party to streamline, consolidate, retool or end events that do not provide recognized membership value.
  • Identify and implement strategies to increase builder participation (ideas include personal calls and one-on-one mentoring) at HBA events and programs.
  • Identify and implement strategies to provide associates with more meaningful access to builders in a mutually beneficial way.

KEY ISSUE AREA 3: Education

Goal 1: Increase the recognition of NAHB designations in the marketplace.

We will accomplish this goal by implementing the following strategies:

  • Use earned media, outside partnerships, social media, paid advertising, the HBA magazine, website, home show and other mediums to promote among members and consumers the value of NAHB designations.
  • Create partner relationships to build and promote demonstration homes that emphasize designation value.

Goal 2: Improve members’ ability to use technology to navigate an evolving marketplace.

We will accomplish this goal by implementing the following strategies:

  • Explore opportunities to underwrite or provide member scholarships to educational offerings.
  • Train members to use the HBA and NAHB websites.
  • Create industry-focused educational classes or program series to increase the effective use of technology by our members. Class ideas include using social media (as well as maximizing its use for sales and promotion), Quickbooks, blue prints, estimating, technology in business operations, etc.
  • Create a HBA app for smart phones.
  • Provide access to the most current and accurate market and economic forecast data & analysis.

KEY ISSUE AREA 4: Advocacy

Note: Association advocacy can be categorized into four parts. (1) Regulatory advocacy includes working with regulatory staff (within the bureaucracy) for positive change. (2) Legislative advocacy includes working with elected officials to change, defeat or adopt laws or ordinances that are more favorable to the industry. (3) Political advocacy consists of effectively advocating in the electoral process to help elect similarly-minded officials to public office. It can include campaign contributions, volunteer efforts, campaign management, etc. (4) Legal advocacy is when an unfavorable or abusive law or enforcement method must be challenged in court via lawsuit. Of the four, political advocacy is the key to everything else. When successful, effective political advocacy makes regulatory and legislative advocacy also more consistently successful; and it renders legal advocacy unnecessary.

Goal 1: Protect the residential construction industry and home affordability through effective political, legislative, and regulatory advocacy.

We will accomplish this goal by implementing the following strategies:

  • Pass legislation to make the mandatory option of fire sprinklers permanent.
  • Build and develop existing relationships with municipalities and area governments in all counties of the HBA coverage area.
  • Formalize a system to identify and prioritize potential regulatory or legislative challenges and determine needed action.
  • Consult with or manage key election campaigns for strategically important area political offices.

Goal 2: Increase political action committee fundraising to $30,000 each year.

We will accomplish this goal by implementing the following strategies:

  • Establish a contribution requirement for board members and committee chairs and implement a unified strategy to solicit funds from the general membership.
  • Evaluate political action fundraising events to maximize revenues and effectiveness.
  • Develop a strategy to communicate the need for political action contributions and participation to the general membership.
  • Review the name of the Coalition for Building a Better Tomorrow for clarity and effectiveness.
  • Deliver a personal fundraising request to every associate member from a builder member.

Goal 3: Increase the value of our participation in the state and national association.

We will accomplish this goal by implementing the following strategies:

  • Evaluate our role in the state association.
  • Create a strategy to identify and determine needed campaign contributions or political action involvement outside our immediate local area.
  • Identify and implement ways to increase member contributions to BUILD PAC.

HBA Strategic Plan (2011-2014):

KEY ISSUE AREA 1:  Membership Retention & Growth
KEY ISSUE AREA 2: Member Engagement
KEY ISSUE AREA 3: Education
KEY ISSUE AREA 4: Advocacy