HBA Daily Newsfeed Glitches and Improvements

Subscribers to the HBA Daily News e-mail newsfeed have noticed ‘glitchy’ performance recently. HBA members who subscribed to receive the daily newsfeed via email recently have received outdated posts up to two months old (posts these same subscribers already had received when they were current). The e-mail subscription glitch appears to be a function of the feedburner email subscription service the HBA has used since establishing the HBA Daily News subscription option for HBA members.

To address the problem, the HBA has changed e-mail subscription managers. In addition to resolving the “old posts” glitch, the new subscription manager also gives greater flexibility in the format, style and content of the HBA Daily News feed. In the future it likely also will provide additional opportunities and methods for delivering timely content from SpringfieldHBA.com to members and the public. More information on that later.
If you already are a subscriber to HBA Daily News, you don’t need to do anything. Your subscription has been updated automatically to arrive in your e-mail inbox via the new subscription manager (and your address has been removed from the old subscription manager. You should notice a more navigable, improved layout and design with the new subscription manager. But the content will be the same timely and relevant information you have come to expect in your HBA Daily News Updates. If you are not already a subscriber to the HBA Daily News, you can subscribe for free by clicking here.
For now, thank you for your patience as we work out these issues. It is the goal of the HBA of Greater Springfield to deliver current, timely, relevant content to HBA members and the public in very user-friendly formats. We believe the steps taken today will help us to more fully achieve that goal.