HBA Construction Members Can Save 22% on Verizon Bills

Did you know that as a member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield, you could be entitled to substantial savings on your cellular telephone bills? If your business is primarily in the business of construction (generally builders, remodelors and subcontractors) and a current member of the HBA of Greater Springfield, you may be eligible for savings of 22% on your monthly Verizon wireless bill. With thousands of local former Alltel customers now under Verizon service, the timing couldn’t be better. The Verizon savings program is one of several advantages of signing up for the FREE Home Builders Purchasing Program through the HBA of Greater Springfield. To learn more about the HBPP, contact Kay Wylie at the HBA.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Who is eligible to access VZWireless discount?

The Verizon Wireless discount is for construction companies and construction trade companies (electrician, plumber, roofer, highway construction, etc…)

What is the discount?

The corporate discount is 22% off any monthly calling plan that bills $34.99/month or higher. Employee/family is 18% ($34.99 or higher plans).

What if I am all ready an existing VZWireless customer?

Existing and new Verizon Wireless customer are eligible for the program as long as they met the eligibility requirements.

How long will process take to show up on my bill?

The discounts will be recognized on your bill within 2 bill cycles.

How will discount look on my bill?

The discount will appear as a corporate discount on each line of service.

How do employees/family access discount?

Employees can purchase service from the company’s local account manager. They can also register an existing line for the discount by visiting www.verizonwireless.com/getdiscount. The employee/family discount is 18%.

Do I need to extend my agreement?

Your agreement is only extended if you purchase new equipment at a discounted rate.

For further questions and information, contact:

STEP ONE: Contact HBA to Register for Home Builders Purchasing Plan

STEP TWO: Contact local HBPP Verizon Business Account Representative

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