HBA Conducts Information & Education Meetings with County and City

The HBA recently conducted its regular quarterly meetings with City and County building department staff. Dave O’Dell, Greene County Chief Building Inspector, gave a positive report regarding permit activity. This time last year to date, there were 18 single family permits issued. In 2010 to date the county has issued 87 single family permits. Total construction permits year to date for 2010 was 225; 2009 total was 168. Revenue comparison was also better this year than last year at this time. There was some discussion about the inspectors allowing sleeves through footings. The county confirmed that they were allowing the sleeves, if they met the requirement of 6″ of concrete over them. With regard to the adoption of the 2009 IRC, the county has not changed its position and is not pursuing adoption at this time. Dave O’Dell said that his department plans to handle the lead renovation rule similar to the way the asbestos rules are handled. They will provide an informational hand-out regarding the regulation at the point of permitting. In response to questions regarding rules about combined driveways, the highway department staff explained that when a road is projected to develop into a major arterial/multi-lane road, there is strong consideration for future safety and typically it is necessary for homes to have only a single driveway exiting to the major road.

The HBA also discussed the EPA’s RRP rule and code issues with Chris Straw, Interim Building Development Services Director for Springfield. The city is not pursing adoption of the 2009 codes at this time. Straw did encourage HBA members to review the ’06 code for issues which may have been addressed in the ’09 code. If, after collaborative review with HBA, there are specific portions of the ’09 code that address problems, these portions could be amended to the ’06 code which the city is still following currently. If you have input or questions about this process, please contact I&E Chairman Rusty MacLachlan, 838-9645, or Scott Kisling, Codes Chairman, 839-8941.