HBA Comprehensive Local Market Research Campaign Released to Members

The local residential construction market in 2007 was a moving target for builders. In 2008, challenges for local home builders will continue in our shifting market. While considerable national research has been conducted regarding consumer confidence, home buying trends, and home building niches, precious little local research is available. Of course, every local housing market is unique, with its own distinctive characteristics and dynamics. Therefore, the HBA of Greater Springfield board of directors has determined that original, local market research can provide our members with considerably more insight than anything that is currently available.


To help HBA members navigate the new local housing marketplace, the HBA of Greater Springfield in 2008 commissioned extensive quantitative (polling, surveys, etc.) and qualitative (focus groups) research of the local housing market. Results of this research are available to all HBA members, who can in turn use it to help them make wise business decisions in today’s Ozarks housing market.


An aggressive research schedule was set for early 2008. Two public opinion polls and a series of four market segment focus groups were conducted within the first six weeks of the year. At the conclusion of the research, HBA members were invited to attend a presentation of the highlights of the findings. Comprehensive written summaries of the polls and focus groups, and downloadable videos are available to HBA members only at www.springfieldhba.com

Dowload the pdf overview of the research project’s findings. 

To read and review polling results and focus group reports, click here.

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