HBA Board Endorses 1/8-cent Transportation Sales Tax Renewal

On August 5, Springfield voters will consider extending the City’s 1/8-cent transportation sales tax for another four years to continue making much-needed local road improvements. The HBA’s Board of Directors voted to endorse the issue. Strong transportation infrastructure is critical for the continued growth and development of our region. Passage of this ballot measure would result in numerous benefits including:

Improved Traffic Flow and Time Savings
Projects such as the widening of US 65 to six lanes from Chestnut Expressway to Battlefield Road and interchange improvements at I-44 and Kansas Expressway will reduce congestion, save time, and significantly improve traffic flow.

Increased Safety
Revenue from this tax would allow for design and construction of critical intersection improvements that would enhance safety at some of the city’s most dangerous intersections. Two such examples are the proposed addition of north-south lanes on Campbell Avenue under the James River Freeway, and off-ramp intersection improvements to the National Avenue corridor near CoxHealth.

Environmental Stewardship
Enhanced bicycle, pedestrian, and transit lanes will further address the need for alternative transportation modes. Specifically, the proposal includes new overpasses and sidewalks that will connect pedestrians and cyclists to various transit stops. Additionally, longer turn lanes, such as those planned for the intersection of Battlefield and Glenstone, will result in reduced idle time, reduced fuel consumption, and reduced emissions.

Cost Savings
Once completed, the proposed projects would improve the overall traffic flow and would ultimately mean passengers are able to travel more efficiently, saving both time and money with reduced fuel consumption.

Together, these benefits work to improve economic development in the region, and ensure the Springfield metro area has a strong transportation infrastructure that keeps up with the region’s continued growth.

As in the past, this renewal of the City’s transportation sales tax was crafted in partnership with the Missouri Department of Transportation and Greene County so the combination of City, County and State funds will accelerate construction on these high-priority projects.

This sales tax was first approved by voters in 1996, and has repeatedly received strong support. Funds from the tax have totaled $50 million in local funding, and have leveraged transportation investments of more than $100 million. The program has resulted in improvements to dozens of roads and intersections in Springfield. This ballot proposal will allow those improvements to continue, without a tax increase. For a complete list of past projects funded by this tax, visit springfieldmo.gov/egov/eighthcent