Fire Sprinkler Offer Is Now The Law In Missouri

This new law mandates the OFFER of fire sprinklers for new homes, rather than mandatory installation of fire sprinklers, which is now part of the 2009 IRC. The HBA has emailed and mailed builder members a Residential Fire Sprinkler Option Form which has been developed by the HBA affiliates in Missouri. It helps new home builders document the mandatory offer of a fire sprinkler system and compliance with the state law. By using this form with your contract documents and sharing a copy of it with the HBA, you document your compliance with the law — offering to install a system at the purchaser’s expense in custom and spec homes — and we will be able to track the homeowners’ actual choices as a resource for future policy decision-making at the local level.

The HBA also sent a Consumer Education Brochure that has been developed in partnership with the state’s fire alliance organization in an effort to make certain homeowners have all the information they need before making a choice to install or not. Please call Jennifer or Matt at the HBA office, 881.3711, if you have questions or concerns about compliance.